The Prospector train service has two train services to Kalgoorlie on Friday 31st June 2019 with two return services available on Monday, 3 June 2019.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prospector Train service does not allow full size bicycles on the train.

Airline Flights

We are thrilled to announce we have secured a charter flight with Cobham Aviation.

Seats on the charter flight can be booked during registration at a bargain price of $300 return

Flight Saturday 1st of June 2019 : Departure 6:30am Arriving in Kalgoorlie at Approximately 7:45am. 

Flight Sunday 2nd of June 2019 : Departure 5:30pm from Leonora  Arriving in Perth at Approximately 6:45 pm.

NOTE: The incoming flight will be met by a bus at the airport which will transfer entrants/spectators who arrive on the charter flight to the Kalgoorlie Basketball Stadium for Registration. The same bus will also transport entrants/ spectators to the Leonora Airport on Sunday afternoon.


NOTE: There will be staff available at the terminal on Sunday evening to be able to pay for parking. Payments must be made via EFTPOS. 


Both Qantas and Virgin operate flights from Perth to Kalgoorlie and return however Saturday morning flights do not arrive in time for race entrants who must attend the race briefing at 9:00am sharp.